“We Thank You... for your encouragement and your support”

Nursing homes have finally made FRONT PAGE news... a day OCAGM has been waiting for nearly 18 years, however, not exactly the way we thought since the news shares how residents have been absolutely locked in with ZERO access to outside visitation AND 49% of covid deaths in CA are reported from the nursing homes. (what is meant for evil God always uses for good; coronavirus does not impede the Gospel-it accelerates it!)

OCAGM is moving forward with our mission in the midst of coronavirus, lockdown of facilities, and quarantine. We’ve had to get extremely creative, especially since you are dealing with a population that is not always tech savvy or physically/mentally able to access current advances of virtual communication. We are piloting new strategic plans that support the healthcare providers to prevent compassion fatigue and provider burnout. OCAGM is making a difference for them too – offering resources to equip and empower them to support anxious residents and frantic families. “Spiritual PPE” and “Spiritual First Aid” will offer vital training for the battlefront of Covid-19.

We are living in truly exciting times for God to provide miracles.

Join us in our fervent prayer that our newly adopted and board approved strategic plan indeed brings “revival” to our ministry and nursing homes. Most of the world has now experienced a slight degree of the isolation these residents have endured for ages and we pray that levels of empathy will continue to soar for these forgotten elderly. The significant health and mental issues that are associated with isolation are still the reality for nursing homes, in fact even more so, since they are on total LOCKDOWN! Our ministry is needed now, more than ever in history, to assist in access of the Gospel for these precious souls. May God give OCAGM favor in raising the funds for new strategies, staffing and budget.   We are immovable in our commitment. We thank you for being steadfast with us – we are continuing and developing:

  • Compassion Card Campaign – these are written communications for residents / staff
  • Weekly Devotionals developed by OCAGM – includes hotline for phone support of residents/family/staff - Must be laminated for infection control and distribution to the homes
  • AMAZING COMMUNITY - virtual message series – videos created for nursing home residents
  • AMAZING COALITION: Spiritual PPE (developed by ED/CSO) - Live zoom/video resources for staff self-care - training to combat compassion fatigue and prevent provider burnout.

Thank you for your support of this ministry, thank you for your prayers.
Be well, God Bless you. Pastor “Irish” Michael and Judy Kane.

Irish and Judy Kane


    Orange County Amazing Grace Ministries (OCAGM) provides social, emotional, and spiritual support to those in nursing homes.

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    Transform the outlook of our community and local churches by inspiring, encouraging, and equipping members to effectually impact the critical social, emotional, and spiritual needs of those who live and work in nursing homes.


    OCAGM exists to bring the Gospel of joy, comfort, encouragement, friendship, and salvation to the forgotten residents of nursing homes out of love and obedience to Jesus Christ.

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    Over 60% of those living in nursing homes never get an outside visit.

    According to the Council on Aging Southern California, there are over 432,600 seniors living in Orange County today. That number is expected to grow to over 800,000 by 2025. Many older adults suffer from mental distress associated with chronic health problems which disturbs the normal aging process. Nursing home residents are impacted more intensely since most are grieving the loss of their home, possessions, familiar surroundings, mobility,  independent living, and personal freedoms. Their loneliness leads to more severe health issues, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles.

    Orange County Amazing Grace Ministries (OCAGM) is helping to change the outlook for dependent living seniors in our community. Research demonstrates that access to just one caring individual increases a person’s resilience (Gallopin, 2016). Every week, we make over 50 visits to nursing homes in Orange County. Since our founding in 2003, OCAGM has made over 270,000 loving visits to those who feel most forgotten.

    Our trained workers make personal visits with the residents living in a variety of nursing facilities. We offer social, emotional, and spiritual support. We conduct an Amazing Hour program in the activities room and visit room to room. Most of all, we remind each resident that they are loved and valued. All this is provided without discrimination and all are welcome.

    The Need

    • Over 2.7 million elderly residents live in nursing homes.
    • Over 80% of them have No Visitors At All.
    • Residents are lonely and abandoned as they live out their last days.
    • Many need skilled nursing care – some are too feeble and frail to live alone – all are disabled to some degree
    • Most are grieving loss of their home, possessions, familiar surroundings, mobility, and personal freedoms