To Bring the love of Christ to those confined to living in nursing homes.

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Change the outlook of Churches by inspiring and encouraging members to see the critical spiritual needs of those who live in nursing homes, with a goal of weekly visits.

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We take church to those living in nursing/convalescent homes, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our Pastors make personal VISITS with the residents on a regular basis, conduct CHURCH SERVICES and BIBLE STUDIES plus offer COMMUNION and PRAYER. We want to be with them to help curtail the loneliness by bringing companionship and fellowship. And by showing them the love of Jesus Christ through our actions, we are able to talk with them about their eternal destiny which is rapidly approaching.

Since our inception in 2003 til November 2017, we have conducted 13,600 Amazing Hour Programs and Special Events giving us 269,225 God’s love encounters and 31,050 volunteer hours served. Our integrated, holistic approach increases quality of life for adults confined to heavily-burdened nursing homes.

The Need

  • Over 2.7 million elderly residents live in nursing homes.
  • Over 80% of them have No Visitors At All.
  • Residents are lonely and abandoned as they live out their last days.
  • Many need skilled nursing care – some are too feeble and frail to live alone – all are disabled to some degree
  • Most are grieving loss of their home, possessions, familiar surroundings, mobility, and personal freedoms