June 2012


[fancy_header]Meeting The Need[/fancy_header]

Minister Brian Harmon Meeting the Need at Anaheim Health Care.

Since 2003 through May 31st, 2012, Amazing Grace Ministries has touched
74,028 residents in:
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”teal” ] Bible Studies – 43,732,
Room Visitations – 13,074,
Church Services – 8,659,
and Devotions – 8,563.




[fancy_header]Little People, BIG Ministry…[/fancy_header]

Our residents joyfully watched a dramatization about Zachaeus – the little man who saw Jesus when he climbed up in a sycamore tree.

Nick and Lucy are professional actors and long-time friends of Irish and Judy. They are story tellers and closed their performance with a crystal clear presentation of the Gospel to a highly appreciative audience of nursing home residents, all in wheel chairs.

In the last decade, Nick has walked across the U.S. twice ministering to hundreds of churches and events, presenting Bible stories and pleading America’s return to God. Both of them appeared on The Hour of Power T.V. broadcast after their last 3,300 mile journey.

Our dear friends in nursing homes watched a listened with joy to their half-hour presentation. There was a special human chemistry as somewhat-disabled small people ministered in a big way to some-what disabled elderly people.



[fancy_header]From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of Newport Beach…[/fancy_header] Get To Know Pastor Bruce Bender.

U.S. Marine Corps Major Bruce Bender served in the Pacific and participated in the assault landing at Iwo Jima in WWII. He earned a chest full of medals.

Now with Amazing Grace Ministries, he is earning “Crowns” for serving nursing home residents in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana. Both Iwo Jima and Orange County are considered rescue operations.

In Orange County, the strategic objective is to simply point men and women to Jesus Christ. Bruce does it with the same enthusiasm and wisdom that he learned in the Marine Corps, but his mission is now done with a loving warrior’s touch.



[fancy_header]Teenage Singers Touch The Young At Heart…[/fancy_header]

Amazing Grace invited the high school choir from the Santa Rosa Christian Church to minister to two of our nursing homes. This is their sixth time with us! They sang a medley of Christian and fun songs and then did something stunning – they left their platform and connected one-on-one with a very appreciative audience.The kids treated these old folks like they were long lost grandparents. After the concert, we were tempted to check their bus to make sure they didn’t kidnap some of the “Young at Heart” residents and take them back to Santa Rosa!

[fancy_header]Four Emergency Calls from a Resident Before Breakfast…[/fancy_header]

It was a lady’s voice on our voice mail – “Please let me talk to the minister that came into my room last week. I can’t think of his name, but this is Maria (not her real name) in Victoria Nursing Home and I’ve got to talk to him right away.”

We called our minster and he went over that morning. She said, “I have read the green book you gave me and now I have hope. I’ve received Jesus. If I can get well I want to go back to my home and take care of my husband.”

We are not medical people so we have no idea if that can happen to Maria, but we are “hope” people. We bring hope, joy and love to residents. Who knows what God will do with new found hope? We distribute those “green books”. Our hope is in Him. God is the
[fancy_header]You’ll Never Be Good Enough… [/fancy_header]

What we lovingly call our “green book” has nothing to do with environmental issues. It has everything to do with everlasting, eternal issues. One of our Pastors created the book. The title is “None Who Does Good.”
It leads a person to salvation. It has dozens of Scriptures in thoughtful order. It is in large type and there is a Spanish language version.

It addresses the question about being “good enough” to go to heaven and that is a troublesome issue for young and old.

The plan of salvation referred to in the “Four emergency calls…” article above worked in her case! Would you like to have a copy of this valuable resource? If so, please follow the “Contact Us” link and submit your “Green Book” request and be sure to specify Spanish. It is a great witnessing tool to people who prefer that language.

[fancy_header]Two Amazing Hours…[/fancy_header]

May’s Volunteer Day was a BIG HIT!!!

Our volunteers came away refreshed and revitalized in their spirits. Her is what they did. Can you do any of these? Prayed with the group * Sang some old hymns * Listened to great salvation message * Met and personally greeted some elderly people * Played a musical instrument to accompany the singing * Joined hands while reciting the Lord’s prayer * Introduced a four-year-old granddaughter to a few elderly residents * Gave out small ‘Prayer Bear’ presents to every resident * Handed out song sheets * Helped some residents turn pages of their song sheets * Touched the soft skin of an older person * Met some dear people in their rooms that are bed ridden * Read a favorite Bible verse to an elderly lady * Helped serve communion to everyone who wanted to receive the bread and the wine.



Want To Spend Two Amazing Hours?

June’s Volunteer Day Announcement

Join us from 9:30AM to 11:30AM on Thursday, June 28th at CareHouse Healthcare Center, 1800 Old Tustin Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Our June Volunteer Day will be held at CareHouse Healthcare Center in Santa Ana. This will be an opportunity to serve and to see Amazing Grace at work in the lives of the residents.

If you can come, please e-mail Judy Kane at Judy@ocAmazingGraceMinistries.com, call at 949-422-8132, or follow this link to the “Contact Us” page on our website to request information.

Meet Judy Kane at the front entrance of the building. Sign in and bring the gift of your smile to the meeting room where you can participate in some simple gestures of friendship to the residents gathered there. We will coach you.