May 2013


[fancy_header]6 Signs You’re Gettin Older[/fancy_header] [fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”teal” ]
  • Things you buy now will not wear out
  • You have a party and the neighbors do not even realize it
  • Restaurants stop asking to see your senior discount card
  • You run out of breath walking DOWN a flight of stairs
  • In a hostage situation you are released first
  • Your social security number only has three digits
[/fancy_list] [fancy_header]6 Secrets of Longevity[/fancy_header]

In one of our nursing homes, a resident celebrated her 105th birthday. She could not explain how she got there. Recently a scientific study of 1,500 people over the age of 80 years came to some surprising conclusions on the reason for longevity.
The following is a summary of the findings:
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  • 1. Optimism and positive thinking do not extend life. Staid and negative thinking people actually live longer. Pessimists think they are in poor health and do something about it.
  • 2. Steadily married men live longer but it does not extend the average life span of women. Married women that were married to one man for life, divorced or single women all had about the same life span.
  • 3. Exercise is a good thing and it does not have to be jogging or aerobic. Doing something you like to do such as gardening, taking a long walk at lunchtime or bowling will do just fine.
  • 4. Religion makes you live longer. Religious men and women tend to avoid smoking, drinking and drugs abuse.
  • 5. Workaholics die younger because of stress related illnesses and retirement was not the route to long life. People that are still working in their 80’s did better in the aging category.
  • 6. Pet owners should not expect longevity benefits from companionship of their four-legged friend. They bring joy but have no long life affect
  • 7. So- take care of yourself when you are sick, stay married, exercise, go to church, stop working after 40 hours but keep working when you are older and enjoy your pet.

P.S. God has the final words on the subject.
A list of Biblical promises for longevity includes:
Obedience to God, fear of the Lord, refrain from speaking evil and honoring your parents. I do not think they were considered in the scientific study above.


[fancy_header]Board Member Craig Kiggens[/fancy_header]



Our Orange County Amazing Grace Ministry Board meets four times a year. We highly value the wisdom of our Board Members. They vote on major decisions. We customarily ask both husbands and wives to serve. That way we get the best of both worlds. In this issue, we feature Board Member Craig Kiggens. Craig and Judy Kiggens moved away from a successful business in the Fresno area when Craig became the Southern California Area Director for Christian Business Men’s Connection. He served in the capacity for (twenty-two) years and then retired.

In retirement, Craig decided to serve in a ministry called Bethany’s Gate. The ministry is described as ministering to children and young adults that come from troubled backgrounds. Some come from foster homes, others struggling to stay sober and still others with depression and anxieties of life. They are assigned to horses that have been abused or neglected. Together they work with each other to heal through care and love and develop a mutual trust.

Craig says of his ministry: “We do what we can” and that attitude towards the disadvantaged and neglected plus the business wisdom applied over the years makes Craig a valuable Board member.


[fancy_header]Larry Crain – Home with the Lord.[/fancy_header]

larry-crainLarry was a friend of the ministry and attended Pastor Irish’s Bible study for seven years. He was 95 at the time of his passing.

Please pray for Eileen Crain as she works through the memories of sixty-five years of a joyful marriage and partnership with Larry.