Summer 2014


Pastor Bruce Bender 12 years of serving 624 weeks, totally over 3,500 hours!


Our 90-year-old hero, mentor and friend is retiring… again.

Pastor Bruce retired from a career in Insurance to enter the Calvary School of Ministry for 2 years. The oldest graduate ever in 1999 at age 75 he proves that there is a lot of productivity after the age of 75! Pastor Chuck Smith ordained Pastor Bruce, and he felt the calling to serve in nursing homes and joined us as we were forming our 501C3 non-profit.


We have been blessed have him faithfully and cheerfully serve, in nursing homes each week even though his heart and much of his time was being pulled in another direction. Pastor Bruce, an Iwo Jima Marine veteran, is also a Chaplain at Camp Pendleton.

Pastor Bruce will continue with his work with the Marines, and substitute for us from time to time.

At our little Farewell luncheon, Bruce gave us some sage advice.

“Depend on the Holy Spirit, daily, guys, He will always give you the right message for your senior ministry”

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A Prayer for the Vulnerable and Those Who Care for Them

summer14-bibleOur gracious Father, today we seek you on behalf of the millions of people who live in care facilities in our country. The elderly, the mentally challenged, those who have suffered severe injuries, those ravaged by diseases like MS and Cerebral Palsy, all of them vulnerable and with little or no voice in the kind of treatment they receive. Given the opportunity all of them would gladly accept your healing touch and leave these places.

Father, I pray that you would protect them, that You would make Yourself known to them, and that they would feel Your presence.

Would You whisper in their ears Your love and devotion to them who are helpless. Remind them that You are the Father of true mercy.

Send believers who know Your mercy, to minister to them. Lord we believe that even if we can’t communicate with them, You can and You do. Father, give us Your heart and Your eyes that we may see them the way You see them. Lord, we make ourselves available to serve them as You direct.

We pray for the believers who work in these places. Grant them favor to gain the positions of leadership within the organization from where they may make stands for righteousness. Manifest your strength and endurance in them to bear the burden of caring for these people. May they be as wells continually pouring out Your life-­‐giving water. May the Light which You have put in them draw their unbelieving co-­‐workers into a saving faith in You. Instill Your love for the helpless in their hearts.

Jesus, you wept and we weep too. We pray all this in Your holy name, Amen.

The Need…

  • 2.7 million men and women are in nursing homes across the U.S
  • 70% of these nursing home residents never have a visitor
  • Many need skilled nursing care – some are too feeble and frail to live alone – all are disabled to some degree
  • Most are grieving loss of their home, possessions, familiar surroundings, mobility, and personal freedoms
  • In spite of service quality, activities and staff attention, the days seem longer; visiting family and friends seem infrequent

The Mission…

The mission of Amazing Grace Ministries is to bring the Gospel of joy, peace, comfort, encouragement, friendship and the “Good News” of salvation to the forgotten residents of nursing homes out of obedience and love… Matthew 25:38-40 “When did we see You sick…and go to visit You?” ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.”

James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widow in their distress …”


Irish & Judy Kane