Spring 2015


How can you thank a Volunteer?

Volunteer trainings in OC

Investing in other’s lives is not always easy, and on occasion it can be quite costly.


Pastor Peter Kling and EV Free Church during Volunteer training and recruitment.

spring-2015-redIt requires time and emotional energy, but Christ has given us a promise in Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you.”  This verse isn’t speaking just about money.  The Lord will multiply whatever you give in service to Him.  If you sacrifice your time to help someone, He’ll give you adequate time for whatever else He knows you need to do.   If ministering to someone leaves you emotional exhausted, He promises renewal.  Giving ourselves away to others is not a life of deprivation, but one of spiritual growth, joy, and fulfillment.


Over the last 3 months, our volunteers from EV Free Fullerton, and St. Andrews in Newport Beach have come out to be trained in supporting the weekly efforts in North and South County.  We are still in need of support in Central Orange County.

Loneliness Kills

By Agingcare.com 9/12/14

In a 2010 AARP survey, 35 percent of all responders reported feeling lonely. Of those, nearly half said their loneliness had persisted for at least six years. That’s a lot of time for a harmful condition to unleash its dangerous effects.

Here are just a few of the consequences of persistent loneliness:

Studies suggest that loneliness is more dangerous than packing on some extra pounds. Yet Americans spend billions of dollars on diet products and often make little effort to address their loneliness.

  • Loneliness increases the risk of premature death by 14 percent.
  • Loneliness affects not only our current mental health—think depression. One recent study also suggests it increases the risk for dementia later.
  • Loneliness can increase inflammation throughout the body, which carries its own risks. That inflammation can also exacerbate existing conditions like arthritis and heart disease.

Pastor Highlight

Pastor Dave Lyons

Pastor Dave Lyons

Pastor Dave Lyons who visits room to room in 6 nursing homes each week, creates devotions and uplifting daily reads weekly for 60+ nursing home residents. Dave often adds humor…laughter is good medicine. Great job Dave!




National Nursing Home Week May 10-16

Victoria Health Care in Costa Mesa

Sharing a sweet thank you note from those at Victoria Health Care in Costa Mesa

While a single visit to a nursing home is a valuable experience for anyone and will brighten the day for older adults, an ongoing visitation program is most effective. Said one staff member in a nursing home, “We don’t want it to be ‘let’s go see the old people’ just like it’s a trip to the Statue of Liberty.” An ongoing series of visits allows the understanding and trust to develop which are essential for a real connection between people of any age.

Call 714-571-0299 to join an AGM Pastor.

Volunteer Spotlight

Richard Unfried Organist-Volunteer-Servant

Dr. Richard UnfriedEvery Wednesday Dr. Richard Unfried, world class organist accompanies hymn singing in a nursing home in Fullerton, California to the delight of the residents and Pastor Peter Kling. Richard is former organist at many large churches including Crystal Cathedral and for forty-one years as professor of music at Biola University.

His nursing home instrument is a digital keyboard but in the capable hands of Dr. Unfried it could be a pipe organ playing worshipful, wonder-filled music!  Unfried plays a Wednesday concert after the Bible study for the residents including The concerts remind us of the poem “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.”

Daily visitors to the nursing home listen through the walls as Unfried plays private concerts for his wife Yvonne – a resident. She is an accomplished musician in declining health at this Alzheimer facility. She listens – often with a smile on her face – and he plays love songs.

Along with Yvonne, caregivers, administrators, residents, Amazing Grace volunteers share music appreciation of Richard Unfried – man of God, extraordinary musician and devoted husband.

Instead of seeking to do good things, if we focus on aligning our lives with the righteousness of God, then our acts of goodness will be a natural extension of the goodness in our hearts.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith. (Galatians 6:9-10 NLT).

The Power of a Cross

A small gift, brings great smiles with Easter blessings

Hattie Van HeerdeHattie's CrossesThis is the second year that Hattie Van Heerde 92, of Sioux Falls, SD has provided us with her works of art. We met Hattie, Sue Neinhaus’s mother, and admired her many crafts, which keeps her hands busy year round. The 4” crocheted crosses take her about 4 hours each to complete. Each are trimmed in lovely spring colors, our residents find it hard choose which color they like best. AGM Pastors blessed 70 residents with these small and meaningful gifts.

Hattie we love you and appreciate you! God Bless you!

The Joy of His Way Singers enrich our Spring

Youth and Singing mixed with smiles and a tender touch…

Joy of His WayJoy of His WayJOHW is a ministry for youth, ages 13 to 18 years old. From September to Easter, they meet to practice and prepare. Over Easter break, we travel from Santa Rosa down the coast, stopping and singing in convalescent and retirement homes along the way. They typically sing about 16 times in 4 days.  These delightful teens have been a blessing to AGM nursing homes for 9 years!


Calling all youth choirs… we need more of this!