Fall 2015


The Forgotten Elderly

  • fall2015-feelThere are approximately 76 licensed long-term care nursing facilities in Orange County California.
  • Two out of three nursing facility residents are women.
  • Approximately 80 % of nursing facility residents in OC are age 65 or older.

Pastoral care is woefully neglected towards those confined to living in nursing homes.
You and I would both agree that there is a real need to have spiritual care more completely integrated in health care. Also
social isolation affects the overall well being of the elderly. Amazing Grace Ministries communicates thru our weekly presence, Scripture, with prayer, music and hymns. Spiritual support is not High Tech just High Touch in a nursing home.

Orange County Amazing Grace Ministries:

Visits 42 times a week in nursing facilities
A scheduled activity in 39 different homes
Serving since 2003
Shared the Love of God to 194,988
Amazing Hour Program attendees 133,676
Room to Room Visitations 48, 223
Special Events/Activities 13,089
(Calculations are based on activity counts per Pastor/Minister on a weekly basis totaled through 8/25/2015)

On-line Donations

Choose an AGM Program you believe in.

fall2015-donateAmazing Hour Program
Weekly Chapel time, by an AGM Pastor. Providing prayer, music, and Scripture. This hour is open to all residents of the nursing home, and their visitors. AGM is listed on the Activity Calendars on the same day and time each week. AGM provides 43 Amazing Hour Programs each week, in 39 different nursing homes in Orange County, CA and in Prescott Valley AZ, by our 9-member team.

$100.00 Minister support
$200.00 Minister support & supplies
$250.00 Weekly Program for one Nursing Home

Special Events/ Activities
During the year, AGM provides special events such as Youth and Church Group Singers/Entertainment. These special dates add much to uplift the men and women and their daily/weekly limited routines.

$250.00 Underwrite
One Special Event/Activity

Christmas Gifts
At Christmas time we love to give. We want to give to those we see at our weekly Amazing Hour Program visits. The number at each of our 47 weekly services total over 700, And during the Christmas season, our numbers tend to grow. Thank you for your help in providing a small gift during Christmas week, the smiles and delight we see is truly heartwarming.

$150.00 a small gift to each in one Home
$5,550.00 Cost to give a small gift to every resident in every Home (37 homes)

fall2015-donate2The Christmas Program
Christmas 2015 will be our 12th Annual Christmas Tradition. We mail out invitations, so you can join us. We bring a special Christmas Program to 9 nursing homes in Orange County. In the Activity room we have up to 50 residents. Our Program is complete with gifts, cookies and special music. Lap blankets and handmade shawls are given out. We continue room to room to visit those bedridden, sharing gifts, prayer and music.

$350.00 Underwrite the Christmas Program at 1 Home (70 residents)
$400.00 Underwrite the Invitation & Mailing
$3,550.00 -The Christmas Program for all 9 Homes

Giant Print Bibles
We have many who want their own Giant Print Bibles. We often give just the Gospels, or Psalms in Giant Print, because the complete Bible is too heavy for many. We order them from Sonshine Ministries.

$32.00 For 1 Giant Print Bible
$100.00 for 10 Giant Print Gospels

Volunteer Spotlight – Jack Fritze

fall2015-jackWe met Jack Fritze, of Brea, CA when he attended the February 2014 Volunteer Orientation at EV Free Fullerton. Jack, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, tried volunteering at other organizations, but it didn’t fit. This great grandfather of 7 is living out the motto of his esteemed Merchant Marines, “Deeds not Words.” “I just stepped out and started. Now I go and help Peter Kling every day but Tuesdays. The residents smile and are glad to see me.” Jack is a valuable asset and has filled a big need we have at AGM. His commitment to serving has also filled a big need in his own life. Jack lost his wife of 65 years, Joyce to cancer in 2013. “I look forward to it, I assist with the music I’ve been learning a lot from Peter’s teachings, he is very good… it has changed my life.” Jack will turn 88 Oct. 24th, we wish him a very Happy Birthday, and thank him for all his hours of service. Jack’s advice to those thinking about being an AGM volunteer:

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra


march-volunteer1. Listeners:
For visitation ministries these volunteers are the most important. Almost anyone qualifies for this task. Suggest this role especially to those who think they are ungifted or useless.

2. Musicians:
Individuals, groups, vocalists, instrumentalists, the young (e.g., youth choirs), the old-all can be used in special programs or in worship services. Don’t neglect recruiting song leaders who can help teach songs and lead nursing home residents in both familiar and new songs.

3. Miscellaneous Performers:
They can be used in a talent show or special performance. Don’t overlook any talents: storytelling, singing, dancing, poetry reading, joke telling and instrument playing.

4. General Helpers:
These people can be used for bringing the elderly to worship services, helping them find hymns, leading in singing, or just giving moral support to others. Such volunteers are greatly appreciated and always needed.

5. Preachers and Teachers:
Both the ordained and un-ordained are helpful for worship services and Bible studies.


We hope to buy one of these books for each of our 9 Pastors and 15 Volunteers, Can you help us?

fall2015-oldestfreindsWe hear such questions as: Why am I in such pain, Am I being punished? What happens after this life? Has God abandoned me? Why doesn’t God take away my pain? Even though there is relatively little or no verbal response from the residents, they actually understand and comprehend a lot.

AGM shares the hope in a loving God who has promised never to fail nor forget them.

Hebrews 13:5 “God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'”

Fall Blessings, Pastor Michael “Irish” & Judy Kane